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Quienes somos

We are a leading company in the manufacture and marketing of furniture nationally and internationally.


More than 40 years of experience as manufacturers and just over 2 decades dedicated to export support us as a well-founded company, with values and convictions of growth.


Our main production pillar is a qualified workforce accompanied by cutting-edge technology to manufacture and finish our products.


We have 26,000 square meters at your disposal and ready to manufacture furniture with serial processes, with the best quality and sustainable environmental sense.

Consorcio Del Toro


Manufacture furniture and accessories that represents a profitable and prosperous business for our customers and distributors and at the same time provide comfort and durability to our final customers.

On the other hand, be an active source of well-being for the families of those who work in the company, always looking for the professional and personal development of our team members.



We are working to consolidate ourselves as one of the most important furniture companies in the national and international market by manufacturing high quality furniture and by creating designs that allow us to have a competitive advantage in the commercial, residential and hospitality sectors.

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