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Materials & Textiles

The furniture that is taken care of in every detail, are those that last over time. We have a wide selection of high quality materials.


After decades dedicated to the creation of furniture, our expertise has shown us which are those that we dominate the most. Among these are pine, oak, screw and poplar wood.

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Natural Veneers

Natural veneers texture are the key ingredient that makes every piece of our furniture unique, which enhances our promises of exclusivity, as the products cannot be exactly the same, thanks to this kind of materials coming from nature.


Accessibility, quality and adaptability are some of the considerations that are available for the choice of these materials, which reinforce our products personality. That's why we have a wide variety of textiles totally at your disposal.

Herramienta amoladora de metal


As a multifunctional company, at Consorcio Del Toro we manufacture of own metals, because we believe in the creation of a high level product 100% made in Mexico. 


We firmly believe in entrepeneurship and the creation of high value products. In Consorcio Del Toro we manufacture our own paints. A high percentage of the products created in our brands are produced by us.

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