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D e l T o r o K i d s

We know the importance of the emotional development of children, from their early years it is crucial to have a good social and physical development as this could have an impact on the formation of their future personality.

The Del Toro kids collections are made with different materials, shapes and colors that aims to highlight creativity, accompanying children from anywhere in the world in their early years.


Finally, we aim to create great, unique memories for all families who own a Del Toro Kids product in their homes.

Click on the photos to discover each collection

The Indio collection, inspired by one of the oldest cultures in North America. A minimalist and original piece.

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Creating an atmosphere of inspiration with its shapes and textures, which will generate a touch of style to your home, appreciating the nature of the natural veneers of parota that this collection has.

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The Junior Collection has a deep-rooted inspiration to Montessori education because the products that compose it develop the creativity of children, making them more cunning and helping them to create and explore for themselves.

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The ideal product for newcomers, it features a multifunctional design that will make it enjoyable by using it.

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Colección Andy

Full of creativity, this collection is full of a homely vibe, as the colors and textures it has are an elementary part of it.

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Colección Casita
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